The project is an attempt to un/resolve several issues exposed in the current post-modern technological epoch, issues which cover not only socio-economics and distribution, rights, ownership, empowerment and disenfranchisement... the irony of the technological failure... this process begins by using software to convert sound files to midi - then use these as a source for the next generation sound files - a process which can continue - via mutation indefinitely
The first series is based on computer capture and manipulation/scoring and re-presenting drone works....

M-74 Midi Source

M-74 Roland JV-1010 PR-B-089

M-74 Roland JV-1010 XP-A-145

M-74 Roland JV-1010 PR-B-092

M-74 Roland JV-1010 PR-E-001

M-74 Yamaha TG77 P1C13

M-tdh Midi Source

M-tdh Roland JV-1010 PR-E-014

Second series - variations on caputured out put - various sources -

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R-pnatpb Midi Source

R-pnatpb Roland JV-1010 XP-A-149

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